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Frequently asked questions

Can my school find out what I wrote?
No. Comments you write here are totally anonymous, unless you were invited to join by a friend, in which case that friend does get to see which comments are yours.
We will not disclose to school authorities who has written which comments.

Can I write what I want?
Nearly. We welcome all comments about schools, whether positive or negative. However, we (and you) are still bound by tedious things like libel laws.
In general, you are free to express your opinion - "The food is rubbish" - but not to make false statements - you can't say "We beat Sedbergh at rugby" unless you really did, or "My headmistress killed my sister" unless it's true.

Why do I have to go through the hassle of signing up before I can write comments?
We want to be as sure as we can that comments about a school are only written by its pupils. We do this by sending an email with a unique link in it to your school email address.

Why do you only feature posh schools?
We have started by including schools whose headteachers are members of HMC (the Headmasters and Headmistresses Conference). We are happy to add other schools, but can only include schools which provide all pupils with an email address.

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